Major sources of carbon emission

Carbon dioxide emission is a major problem today. There are many sources of carbon emission and while some are in our control, the others are not. Humans as well as environmental factors contribute towards the increased carbon emission figures. Let us take a look at the major sources of carbon emission around the world.

Human factors

Human beings, by using fossil fuel in their everyday lives, contribute towards carbon emission. Burning of fossils fuels such as coal, gas and oil releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide. In a recent study it was found that the electricity sector is the largest contributor to carbon emission. To generate electricity, huge amounts of coal, gas and oil are burnt. This electricity is used by domestic households as well as by industries and so we all play a role in increasing the carbon emission levels in the atmosphere.


Then, transportation also is a strong contributor. Humans burn a lot of gasoline and petrol to run their cars, planes, ships, etc. Gasoline and petrol both are fossil fuels and emit a lot of carbon.

Next, we come to the industrial processes. The industries contribute to carbon dioxide emission in more than one way. First and foremost, an industry uses up a lot of electricity to run its machines and thereby contributes towards carbon emission. Then, the industry, in its process to create the products, emits harmful gasses, including carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As a result, industrial areas see a much higher level of carbon in the atmosphere than the other areas.  

Finally we come to deforestation. Over the last few decades, the practice of cutting down trees and forests to make room for homes and farms has increases and led to carbon dioxide emissions. This is because when the earth and soil are disturbed, the underlying carbon escapes. Also, trees absorb a lot of carbon dioxide and the reduced number of tress result in increased carbon in the air. Then, a lot of times people burn the trees after cutting them, which further leads to a release of carbon dioxide in the air.

Natural factors

Human beings are not solely responsible for carbon emission. There are certain natural factors that act as major sources of carbon emission. Livestock, especially cattle, contribute towards carbon emission. Then, the decomposition of dead trees and animals also lead to huge amounts of carbon emission and since this process is ongoing, the natural elements turn out to be large contributors of carbon emission as well.



While the natural conditions are not completely in our hands, the human conditions can be controlled to reduce carbon emission in the air. We have to be cautious as this is an important issue and can lead to many health hazards. Reducing the carbon emission levels is the need of the hour and so we must put in all our efforts to control it. Less consumption of fossil fuels and increased use of alternative energy sources such as solar energy may just prove to be viable solutions here.

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