How much carbon emission reductions do you get with solar panels?

Carbon emission is one of the biggest problems of the modern day world. From global warming to environmental changes, we are facing a lot of problems in the world today due to carbon dioxide emission. As a result, we must be very cautious and do everything in our right to reduce carbon emission and our own carbon footprints. A good way to do so is by shifting to solar energy. Did you know that solar is a renewable form of energy and does not harm the environment in any way? It uses the energy of the sun to provide power. As a result, no harmful gasses are emitted nor is there any contribution towards global warming.


Fossil fuel vs solar energy

Electricity is generated mostly by burning fossil fuel. This causes huge amounts of smoke and carbon emission which in turn lead to global warming and climate changes. Solar energy on the other hand, absorbs the energy of the sun and converts it into electricity in a pure form, without any smoke emissions. It is a safe, easy and even cheap way of generating electricity.

The advantages of solar energy

Like mentioned above, solar energy does not consume any other form of energy to generate electricity – it only relies on the rays of the sun. So you do not have to worry about finding fossil fuel sources such as coal, gas or oil.

Then, the solar panels last for decades. So once you install a panel, you can forget about it. This has many advantages. First and foremost, the industries that manufacture the panels do not have to use up resources to make hundreds of these panels as one panel lasts for a very long time. This will definitely help the planet. Then, solar energy is practically costless. Once you install the panel and set up the connection, you will receive power for free! That’s right – you do not have to pay the monthly electricity bills and once the return of investment is collected, you will literally have free power!


Carbon emission reductions with solar panels

According to the government officials, in the United States of America, electricity generation contributes to 38% carbon emission in the air. This is alarmingly high and just by switching to solar energy, this entire amount can be reduced. Pretty fantastic, isn’t it? Industrial units also contribute to about 14% of the emission figures and so you can think about installing a solar power unit in your factory to curb this problem.


So as you can clearly see, burning fossil fuel to generate energy can have some very harmful effects on the environment. We can however change all of this and switch to solar energy to reduce carbon emission by a considerable amount. So what are you waiting for? Go right ahead and find out more about the alternative power options and get set to give the world a fresher and cleaner lease of life.

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