Why do we need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions?

Carbon dioxide levels are rising in the atmosphere at an alarming rate. Carbon dioxide emission is very harmful and has some severely detrimental effects. As a result, we need to act quickly and effectively to reduce carbon dioxide emission to save the earth and protect our own lives as well.

So what exactly does the carbon dioxide emission do to the world? Well, the answer is so vast and serious, that when you read about them, you will be alarmed! Did you know that these emissions are directly responsible for climatic changes? Global warming, which is a very pertinent issue right now, is greatly caused by carbon dioxide emission. Global warming is causing a lot of problems. From the water levels rising in the oceans to the seasons changing at odd times, we can see many unfavorable changes in the world today.


Let us first talk about the effect of global warming on the oceans and water bodies of the world. With the rising temperatures, the glaciers in the Polar Regions are melting at a quick pace. Consequently, the water levels of the various oceans and seas are rising. This is extremely dangerous as floods and other natural disasters can wipe out civilizations in no time. Then, due to global warming, the temperatures of the oceans are rising. This is leading to cyclonic storms taking place more frequently and causing widespread destruction in various parts of the world.

Then, we come to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a process through which the hot air is trapped within the earth’s atmosphere. While some of this hot air is required to maintain the optimal temperatures for survival on the planet, unfortunately a lot more is stored back due to carbon dioxide emission. The greenhouse effect is rising because of these emissions and so we need to check it. Else, the climate will keep rising and in a few years we won't be able to survive the heat!

Global warming, which is caused by carbon emission is also changing the topography of the world. Nowadays we find plants and animals in places where they were never seen before. This is a very strong pointer towards the change in climate.


Carbon dioxide is a gas that we give out when we burn oxygen and thus it is of no use to the body. Therefore you can understand exactly how much harm the gas can do if it is inhaled along with oxygen! So to protect yourself from the various health risks, you must do everything you can to reduce carbon dioxide emission.

So as we can see from the points mentioned above, it is absolutely essential to control and reduce the levels of carbon dioxide emission and this must be done at the earliest. There is a lot that you can do. For example, you can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and turn to alternative sources of energy such as solar energy and wind energy. So go ahead and do your bit and make a change for the best.


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