What options are there to utilize carbon emission? Global carbon emission markets

Carbon emission is the phenomenon through which carbon dioxide, a harmful gas, is released into the environment.

What options are there to utilize carbon emission? Global carbon emission markets

And while some of the emission is unavoidable, some of it can be curbed and controlled. It is very important to check the levels of carbon that are emitted into the atmosphere as high levels can cause some severe harm to the earth and its inhabitants. In an attempt to curb the alarmingly high levels of carbon emission, the various nations of the world have come together and created a system where permissible caps are placed on the levels of emission. The levels can be bought. This system is known as the global carbon emission trading.

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The member countries of the United Nations (UN) decided that every country can buy a cap up to which it can emit carbon dioxide. If a country needs to emit more fumes, then it will have to buy an additional level or it can borrow from a country that is not using its stipulated quota. This is done to maintain the global levels and control the overall amounts of carbon dioxide in the environment.

The necessity of global carbon emission markets

The global carbon emission market is an extremely vital institution. This is because the rules of the market go a long way in curbing the carbon emissions around the world. If the various member countries of the UN do not adhere to the rules and emit carbon dioxide at their own free will, then the planet would suffer terribly. The scariest and the worst consequences would be global warming, which in turn would lead to a number of issues including storms, displaced animals and birds and so on. The high temperatures would eventually make it very difficult for us to survive in the world as well! As a result, it is very important to maintain a healthy global carbon emission market.

Permissible levels

The levels set by the UN are justifiable and depend on the size of each country and also on the scale of the industries in the country. As a result, some developing countries are permitted a higher level. China and India however are two exceptions here as these countries emit way higher than normal levels of carbon dioxide and that is extremely harmful for the planet. The UN has warned these countries and asked them to check their levels so as to maintain a healthy global balance. 

What options are there to utilize carbon emission? Global carbon emission markets


At a time when the atmospheric condition of the world is so fragile, one cannot afford to be casual about the toxic gases and their effects on the environment. Countries and their citizens have to be careful and track their carbon footprints and find ways to reduce them. We are headed towards a dark future if the current levels of carbon emission are not checked and so we must make every effort to the set the rules right. A small step today can lead to a bright future later on.


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